Saturday, May 19, 2007

From Dr Muireann Ni Bhrolchain, Friday 18th May:

''Hi all, To keep you updated - this morning and throughout the day the Vigil and some Campaign members stopped construction machinery from entering the site at Roestown. This was the first real attempt at construction and it was stopped. They simply sat in front of the machines. The Gardaí were called but they judged that no law was broken and that they had a right to stay. Which they did - all day. But this will continue all week and they need to stopped until the election is over. The media was alerted and some responded. Hopefully there will be photographs in one or two tomorrow. I would like to express my personal thanks and admiration for the actions taken today.

On another note, the leafleting is going very well but we could do with more people involved. Thank you to those from previous groups and campaigns who are helping. Your local knowledge is invaluable. I'm sure that people will be pleased to hear that the response in general is incredibly positive and the public believes that the road should now be re-routed as a result of the discovery of the henge.There has been quite a lot of media coverage again over the last few weeks as is clear from all the posts here''

You can support us by attending:

'CELTIC SPIRIT: STAND UP TO CELTIC TIGER':A fundraising gig for the Campaign to Save Tara will take place on the 23rd of May at 9PM in An Púcá Eyre Sq. Galway.Some of the artists taking part: Nicola Williams,Little John Nee, Gypsy jazz band, Samba Band,Poetry, Storytelling and More!!!Fancy Dress- Celtic theme!

At the moment and despite the opposing views of two thirds of the population, despite the views of 350 academics and despite the fact that ancient site after ancient site have been uncovered on the route, the government's obstinacy insists on continuing with this disparaging and disrespectful project.We call on the Spirit of the Celtic People (by birth or by adoption) to stand up to the ravaging and compulsive hunger of the Celtic Tiger, and to support Tara as a symbol of open space, dignity and integrity.

10 Euro's admission
8 Euro's Concession


By helping us with leafleting in these last critical days


By taking part in daily demonstrations at the sites where construction work is attempting to begin

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info at savetara dot com

blog at savetara dot com